The Ripping Resource

ATTENTION: This version of the site is outdated, and as of 12/13/20 will not be updated. This site exists solely for archival. Please visit for the real thing.

The Ripping Resource is a website where you can access High Definiton rips of Ace Attorney models and sprites to upgrade characters for Attorney Online. Depending on what Server you're from, some of the GIFs will have to be renamed. The point of this website is that, if you were to just download every single character in HD, your filesize would explode, which is why you are intended to pick which characters you wish to upgrade.
It is recommended that you get a fullscreen theme for Attorney Online. You can also submit your own HD rips to help us grow. We're not just a HD rips website, however. Our Discord is a ripping community, where you can learn, share, and ask questions, and generally just hang out!

We are affiliated with Team Turnabout, go check them out!

So you wish to submit your rip for this website. First off, thank you for considering to support us! We're still somewhat struggling to get active rippers and we appreciate the help. Also, submitting rips will get you a "Ripper" role on our Discord that will get you access to exclusive ripper channels.

These rules are a MUST for submitting 2D rips here:

1. AAI1HD, AAI2HD, AJHD Rips have to be 1024x768.
2. Trilogy HD rips have to be 1720x1290.

These rules are a MUST for submitting 3D rips here:

MUST submit: 1365x768 (min. res) PNG frames -> (alternative, only if your PC cannot render at that res or you cannot upload all the frames because of filesize) MAX files
CAN submit: 1024x768 (exact res) GIFsCAN submit: 1200x720 (exact res) WEBPs

The following rules are a "guideline" to making rips for this site, while they're optional, that's how we do it, and that's how to avoid a lot of problems down the line:

1. When ripping in 2D, make a .psd file for each animation.
2. When ripping AAI1HD, AAI2HD or AJHD, rip in 1365x768, and then resize to 1024x768 before exporting. Keep the .PSD in 1365x768.
3. When ripping Steam Trilogy HD, rip in 2293x1290, and then resize to 1720x1290 before exporting. Keep the .PSD in 2293x1290.

Ace Attorney

Hugh O'Conner

Ripped by ThePaperMask

Ripped by NC